There are hundreds of jokes made about lawyers, likely conceived by clients who received unexpected bills or advice that was indecipherable, or who felt that their lawyer spent half their time working towards the deal and half their time working against the deal.

Law is a helping profession, but only when clients feel helped. We believe that a lawyer should be a close confidant to a client and should not only be looking at what the client needs currently, but should be keeping an eye on issues that could arise down the road. Someone who speaks plain language with their clients, makes the confusing understandable, and whose calling is to offer the support and structure for clients to have their personal and professional affairs managed in a professional and personal way. Someone who can be trusted to have their clientsʼ best interests at heart. Someone with which to discuss the pros and cons when making decisions and to provide clear, concise, practical, and relevant advice. Is it possible to turn back the clock to a time when a personʼs lawyer was their confidential advisor – their ʻconsiglieriʼ? We believe it is.

We have big firm experience, but we practice old-school service. A model in which the lawyers bill fairly, discuss things openly, and can be called upon whether a client has a complex legal matter, a simple question, or simply needs a receptive sounding board. Welcome to Flett Law.